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“Real-Displacement-Textures” by Christoph Schindelar

Highly detailed scanned informations are optimized, corrected and baked into several image-textures in order
to setup a material for CG-renderings. (passive and realtime)
By using the provided depthmap for displacement you can even reconstruct the geometry of the surface.

The scans have:
- more than 60.000.000 dense-points,
- polygon-objects with over 10.000.000 faces and
- raw scan-textures with up to 16k HDR

The maps are
- 100% tileable
- they can dramatically speed up your workflow because there is no scattering needed
- they should work with all engines
- they can look extreme realistic




Basic setup:


You can stack surfaces by double the basegeometry and take another map for it - random intersections lead to endless variations and nice blendings

As you can see in the video, with live-previewer like the one of the pathtracer "octane" you can get live-feedback while deforming geometry. That makes working highly intuitive.

But no fear, rdt's work fine with any other engine as well.



Advanced setup:


UE4 setup:


Substance Designer setup:

Octane - standalone:


Octane for Cinema4D:


Vray for Cinema4D: