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Welcome to "Real-Displacement-Textures" - Highend-scanned-surfaces for computer graphics !

The RDT-textures are produced by using highly detailed 3d-scans to get accurate color and depth informations from a real location. At the processing, we work with polycounts up to 20.000.000 and native scan-resolutions over 16k. We also use a image-based-lightcancelling-process to reduce the light and shadows in the diffuse-map. All maps are provided with layers for glossyness, roughness, ambient occlusion and more, so it's prepared for physical rendering. Most maps are leveled to set it to 100% and it fits - so you save time setting up a material. We also provide normal-maps as a alternative to the displacement, or to support it. With these textures you can reconstruct the original surface incl. the geometry with a minimum of resources and a maximum of speed and flexiblity.

Map it on any convenient geometry - adjust hight - render - that's it !!


Please check out our DEMOS


 Available at the shop: RDT - collection one
- Sand - Gravel - Rock (walls/floors) - Soil - Leaves - Tracks - Asphalt

 Available at the shop: RDT - collection two
- Stone (walls/floors) - Brickwalls - Cobblestones - Snow ... 


NEW! Available at the shop! RDT - collection three
- Forestfloors - Forestroads - Moss - Roots - Leaves ... 



Planed: further productions
Gravel - Asphalt - Lavastone - Roofs - Microsurfaces - Textile - Carpets ...
Feel free to tell us what surface you would like to have.